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Thursday October 28 @ 10 am —
The G Everything Group
This session of our group is also about the browser. Last time we looked at Chrome and this week we will look at the Brave Browser. Brave concentrates on security. It has a builtin ad blocker and has rave reviews. Underneath it uses the Chromium engine also used in Chrome. I’m going to be testing it for a month and I invite you to join me. By October 28 I’ll either keep Brave or go back to Chrome. After October we’ll return to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep and Forms.  Even if you already use some of these tools, I believe you’ll learn a few tidbits to allow them to work more effectively for you.


Thursday, November 4  @ 10 am —
Cut Cable Club —
The exact topic for this meeing will be announced later. The aim this special interest group is to cut our costly cable connections  and find new program sources to replace them. Please join us, cut your cable, ask questions and save money.


Thursday, November 11  @ 10 am —
Chromebook SIG —
A Chromebook is a less-expensive laptop that meets most of our member’s needs. At this meeting I’ll update you onn changes to ChromeOS 93. Really, there is no need to mess with Windows and its complexity.  Please join us, ask questions, and seriously consider a change. Then switch to a Chromebook, for no Windows problems and save money.


Thursday,  November 18  @ 10 am —
Cut Cable Club —
Another session where I’ll encourage you to stop paying for cable television and begin streaming media content. The cost savings can exceed $1,000 each year. We are here twice a month to help you,

Thursday, November 25
— Thanksgiving —

I’m thankful for all my  computer friends who have stuck by me this year on Zoom.

No session today!
Eat lots of turkey, have fun.

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