Links for my July SIG Presentations:

Linux SIG                        Tinkerers SIG
Chromebook SIG       FOSS SIG 

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Upcoming meeting details:

Thursday July 26 @ 10 am — Chromebook SIG
I have a new Chromebook presentation. Please bring your Chromebook if you need assistance or have Chrome related questions.  There’s lots of new Chromebooks inside my July Chromebook Links.

Thursday July 26 @ 1 pm — FOSS SIG
Join us for the July free and open source SIG. Following up on my last topic of P2P and Bittorrents, I’m showing “Downloaded” a video about the Napster rage a few years ago. There is also plenty more information in my July FOSS Links.

Thursday, August 9 @ 10 am — Chromebook Support
Chromebook. 1-on-1 Chrome support is the second Thursday of each month. Bring in your Chromebook or use mine to prove to yourself a  Chromebook is a powerful less expensive rival to Windows or Mac laptops.

Saturday, August 18 @ 1:00 pm — VTC Conference
View both tracks (all presentations) of this national APCUG event LIVE locally at the TBTC Clubhouse. A schedule will be posted here soon.

Monday, August 20 @ 7:00 pm — Linux SIG
This is my final Linux SIG meeting. Linux is a zero cost open source operating system like MacOS and Windows. Email if I can help you install Linux on your own equipment. My August Linux Links.

Thursday August 30 @ 10 am — Chromebook SIG
I’ll have a Chromebook presentation. Bring your Chromebook if you need assistance or have Chrome related questions. View my August Chromebook Links.

Thursday August 30 @ 1 pm — FOSS SIG
The FOSS SIG is shutting down after more than 10 years of monthly meetings. Email if I can help you find open source software. At this last meeting we’ll view the movie “The Internet’s Own Boy.”  View my August FOSS Links.

Thursday, September 20 @ 1:00 pm — Tinkerers SIG
Tinkerers is not meeting in August. See you in September!

This website now reports on activities of four Tampa Bay Computer Society Special Interest Groups. They are the FOSS or Open Source SIG, the Linux SIG, the Chromebook SIG, and the Tinkerer’s SIG. Click the groups above to see schedules of past meetings and an agenda for next meetings. Email for additional information but know our meetings are open. We appreciate visitors at the TBCS clubhouse.

open-source-logo-x110The FOSS-SIG has met since 2008. It encourages the use of Free and Open Source Software in place of expensive closed-source operating systems and software. Gain freedom and save $ with open source software.

linuxLinux is a complete, attractive free open source operating system we recommend for home and small business desktops/ laptops. We’ve tried different Linux distros and feel comfortable helping people convert their outdated Windows systems to Linux for $0.00

chromeiconThe Chromebook SIG is new in 2016. We believe with a little knowledge the Chromebook can meet all our computer needs. Come and hear members proud of their Chromebook.

Use the search function on the menu bar to to find links and meeting content over four years. Please look around, email ideas and visit one of our SIG Meetings at the TBCS Media Center:

Linux-SIG meets the third Monday at 7:00 pm
Tinkerer’s SIG meets the third Thursday at 1:00 pm
Chromebook SIG meets the last Thursday at 10:00 am

FOSS-SIG meets the last Thursday at 1:00 pm

Join us at the TBCS clubhouse for all activities.