Upcoming meeting details:

Thursday, February 27 @ 10 am — Chromebook SIG —
Join this group of loyal TBTC Chromebook users. I’ll have the latest Chromebook news and we’ll answer questions.

Thursday, March 5 @ 10 am — Cut Club Self-Help —
Cut the high cost cable bills using antennas and Amazon Firesticks. We offer help, understanding and support. Having trouble with your Firestick? Bring it in and we’ll work at fixing it.

Thursday, March 12 @ 10 am — Chromebook Support —
Chromebooks are an alternative to more expensive Windows devices and may meet all your computing needs without antivirus or Win10 updates. Bring in your Chromebook if you need help.

Thursday, March 19 @ 10 am — Cut Club Presentation
I’ll present the latest news on cutting cable bills using antennas, Amazon Firesticks and unlimited Hotspot technologies. Bring your questions and we’ll try to find you an answer.

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