2021 Videos

Date and SIGAdditional topic details
Cut Cable SIG 01/07/2021Cut cable news, an editorial and other goodies.
Raspberry Pi 400 Special 01/21/2021Showing off my new Raspberry Pi 400 Kit. Using RaspianOS, I could actually use this $100 item as my Linux desktop computer. I'm planning to install TwisterOS soon.
Cut Cable Meeting 02/04/2021Cut cable updates, highlighting Xumo, System Status Monitor, problems with ustvgo.tv and alternate sites, and stopping unwanted Amazon services.
Chromebook Meeting 02/11/2021 Chromebook Competition: from NeverWare , WindowsX, and Apple's less-expensive iPad; ChromeOS 88 Changes, Scanning with our Chromebook,
Sideloading Android apps on a Chromebook using adb, and February 2021 Chromebook Links.
Cut Cable Meeting 02/18/2021 Locast facts by Dewey, VPNs and DNS Leak Testing, Nord does unlock ustvgo.tv with TV BRO and USA TV & Radio (not Puffin), Discovery Plus, and February Cut Cable links.
Digital Legacy Meeting 02/25/2021 We looked at "The Digital Legacy Association" and "Dying Matters" websites. We found some answers about what happens to our social media after we pass.
Cut Cable Meeting 03/04/2021Are you tired of paying big dollars for TV? Some of us cut our cable and now stream our video programs. At today’s meeting I’m going back to making the decision to cut the cable, figuring out which hardware and services you must order, and atttempting to satisfy all other household members. Avoid aggravation, plan ahead. There is a fair amount of member questions and comments.
Cut Cable Meeting 03/18/2021
I recorded this after our 3/18 Meeting because I forgot to record on Zoom. Today we compared features and costs of paid services: YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu, ATT TV Now, Fubo and others. I included a spreadsheet for you to compare costs. You can save money as long as you do not purchase more than one service.
Digital Legacy Meeting 03/25/2021
We all need to make decisions about distributing our earthly possessions when we die. This is a practical fact-filled video on incapacitation and Medicaid issues we may all need to face with Lawyers Joe Pippen and John Frazier. This is our last Legacy session. I've learned plenty exploring Legacy and hope you have too. Thanks for your support.