101 Classes Schedule

Week 1 — Introduction to Linux

  • Linux Background and History(Display courtesy of Google docs. Click this link, then click present on upper right to begin slide show, ESC to exit)
  • Walk through a typical Linux installation and what you need to know
  • Use your own Lubuntu on USB
  • 101-1 Bookmarks

Week 2 — Configure Linux

  • Use unetbootin
  • Preferred partitioning HDD with Parted Magic / gparted
  • Try SLAX with persistence
  • Make a new user and customize
  • Add and delete applications and fonts with two tools using online repositories
  • Updating Linux, networking, printing (bring your own computer if you like)
  • 101-2 Bookmarks

Week 3 — Install Linux

  • See how I built the Lubuntu Memory Sticks
  • Linux Hardware numbering
  • Command Line / Terminal
  • Applications
  • Further customize Lubuntu to your preferences using your computer or memory stick

Week 4 — Wine, ppa and more

  • Grub2 Boot Loader
  • Wine – run some Windows applications
  • Add applications via ppa
  • Special class requests
  • 101-4 Bookmarks

This was a preliminary schedule subject to change.
Unfortunately we did not get to Linux Servers (FTP, Web, DNS, File, SQL)

Please feel free to comment to stu@fosssig.com

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