101 Classes: Agenda

e-learningWe’ll be working “hands-on” with Lubuntu installed on a 16Gb USB memory stick.

Linux Hardware Requirements
Explore Linux distro choices using Distrowatch

Discuss and examples of Live CD/DVDs, LIVE USBs.
Make your own live USB using unetbootin

Hard disk installation
alone, alongside Windows, (select OS using grub on boot)
inside Windows (what’s this?)

HDD partitioning using gparted / parted magic
perform regular Linux updates

Linux directory, file structures & hardware numbering

Terminal tasks (upper / lower case)
when to use sudo and su; apt-get, top / htop, ifconfig  (others to add)

Learn to install & uninstall up to 61,713 Open Source software programs
from online repositories with a software manager and synaptic

Add applicationss: Firefox, LibreOffice, GIMP, K3b, Microsoft core fonts & user choices
Add additional repositories with ppa

Working with Google Drive

Customizing the Linux desktop: wallpaper, taskbar, clock, screensavers, and more

Wine (only for those that absolutely need it)
run a few Windows programs inside Linux ??

This is a partial Linux 101 Curriculum. Please feel free to comment to stu@fosssig.com

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