03/2016 Chromebook Class

Announcing a new Chromebook Class

Chromebook sales mushroomed in 2015 and continue to grow.

We’re beginning a new Chromebook Class in March 2016 to meet four consecutive Tuesday mornings 3/29, 4/5, 4/12 & 4/19) from 10:00am to Noon. The cost of this class is $20 and the class size is strictly limited to 8 students. To register please email Lynne.

Chromebooks, Chromebox, Chromebit, and Chromebase computers duplicate most every task of Windows and Mac computers at a fraction of hardware and software costs and almost all Chrome software is free. This class is hands-on so by all means try to buy or borrow a Chromebook (prices range from less than $150 – $400, see example below) to bring to class with you.

NewEgg: Refurbished Chromebook for $109.99
Groupon: Refurb Hisense Quad Core Chromebook for $99

In the Chromebook class, among other things we’ll learn:

  1. how a Chromebook works and how it is different, safer and cheaper than Windows or Mac computers
  2. why a Chromebook is the perfect solution for most TBCS members… and appreciate why some people do not choose Chrome
  3. sandboxing and why a Chromebook does not require antivirus or malware protection
  4. learn how to use all of Google Docs online office applications
  5. install valuable addons (or extensions) and applications from the Google Web Store (DropBox, Cog, Skype, uBlock Origin, VLC, and class-selected others)
  6. how to setup Google Cloud printing
  7. how to manage limited local storage and the huge 15Gb free Google Cloud storage
  8. how to make email, calendar and Microsoft Office documents work with Google Drive
  9. Chromebook shortcuts and what’s in the system tray?
  10. what can I do if something goes wrong?
  11. touch on Chrome clones: Chromium, Chromixium (now Cub) and NeverWare’s Cloud Ready you can add to legacy standard PC’s
  12. how it’s possible to run real programs on a Chromebook using Linux with Crouton

Address any questions to me via email

Reserve a place in this class by emailing Lynne.

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