02/2008 FOSS Sig

Topics discussed at the initial 2/28 FOSS SIG meeting:

 We learned there are only three types of software:

  •     Closed Source Software- such as Microsoft Windows or Adobe Photoshop
  •     Open Source Software- such as Linux and Open Office
  •     Free Software– (closed and open source) Acrobat Reader,  RealPlayer,  Quicktime


pclinuxosWe viewed a lenghty demo of PCLinuxOS2007 with a Compiz Fusion desktop and added new programs with Synaptic updater. We also demoed the Open Office Suite using the Writer, Speadsheet and Impress (Power Point) programs.

dwbannerWe also discussed Live Linux CDs and how to burn ISO files to CDs. Over 200 Linux distributions may be found at the DistroWatch website.

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