03/2008 FOSS Sig

The second FOSS SIG meeting was in March 2008. This time we used WindowsXP and found some neat free applications shown below:

Netmeter — View all network activity on the Windows desktop. This utility also keeps a log and can be turned off when in the way.

FlashPlayer — Use this to play those pesky YouTube videos. We discussed some methods to save YouTube to the local computer but the real solution came though at the April Meeting.

— One of the most popular image viewers and editors and it is free and open source. It works well with photos or web graphics in Linux or Windows.

picture-resizePicture Resizer — This handy Windows bulk picture resizer will quickly resize one image or a whole group at once.

firefoxFirefox AddOns — We checked out the following:
  • NOIA Extreme — a popular Firefox theme
  • FireFTP — an FTP utility added to Firefox with all the bells and whistles
  • Link Alert — See what type Player will open a link before clicking on it.
  • Fox Clocks — See time around the worl in Firefox toolbars.

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