10/2008 FOSS Sig

Due to a scheduling mixup and TBCS hosting the FACUG state conference we had two additional October meetings:

October 23rd Pre-SIG Meeting

  • We discussed “FOSS and the Windows® or Apple® Tax”  and worked some Compiz Fusion magic with Ubuntu Linux.
  • October 25th FACUG Conference
    I presented “FOSS and the Windows or Apple Tax” and fielded FOSS questions from a receptive statewide audience.


The October 30th FOSS-SIG meeting featured a full wubi Ubuntu 8.04.1 install and configuration. We discussed the press items below and how they relate to Open Source software.

linuxAll-Linux October Presentations:

  • Wubi — Ubuntu Linux Installer for Windows, nothing makes loading Linux easier.
  • Parted Magic — open source replacement for Partition Magic.
  • Clonezilla — open source replacement for Drive Image or Ghost, only better.

Windows, MAC & Linux in the Press

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