03/2009 FOSS Sig

At the March 26th FOSS-SIG meeting:


averateclaptop200You helped me kick the tires of the Laptop Makeover darling.

From the early release of April FOSS Flap:
“After several rocky challenges with this Laptop Makeover, the successful completion was almost anticlimactic. I’m confident this older laptop runs very well. It can accomplish contemporary local or network computing and is no longer underpowered. We have a makeover success, a silk-purse now replaces the sows ear.

“I’m bringing this lovely Laptop Makeover to our next FOSS-Sig meeting on March 26th at the TBCS Media Center. The FOSS-Sig meets monthly on the last Thursday at 1:00 PM for two hours. Please accept this invitation and plan to join us and help me kick-the-tires of this makeover darling.”

We viewed clips from Revolution_OS

Understand how Open Source software developed from an idea to reality.
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And discussed some late-breaking OS News

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