08/2009 FOSS Sig

joomla10millionOur July meeting featured Joomla

This graphic is in honor of Joomla which has been downloaded more than ten-million times. Joomla is an open source content management package to which many components, plug ins and tools may be added. The web result can be most impressive but may be intimidating to GUI web designers.

In July we installed the current 1.5.12 version of Joomla inside the localhost server we built in June. We configured a new unique website using a few Joomla tools. This was an ambitious agenda but we all learned.

Here are direct links to several major Joomla websites:

Joomla Site JoomlaShack Site
Joomla tutorials JoomlaPack Site

Try this site to: select an Open Source Content Management System

We also mentioned and discussed:

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