01/2010 FOSS Sig

mint8logoLinux Mint 8

We reviewed the latest Linux Mint 8 operating system.

Linux Mint 8 is an enhanced distribution of Ubuntu 9.10 which is based on pure Debian code. Mint 8 produces the elegant Linux desktop.

We saw the remarkable collection of software included in Mint 8 and saw some minor customizing to include favorite shortcuts on the desktop. We also saw Compiz Fusion desktop.


What is Ylmf? ymlf1

knoppix1Knoppix Live CD

We viewed short demos of the latest Knoppix 6.2 Live CD and a first look at Google Chrome OS.

As you’re probably aware I’ve been using Linux as my exclusive operating system for more than three three years. I’ve successfully broke-away from Windows, MS Office, and Internet Explorer. I hope to convince club members and better-than-average-computer-users to try Linux and see how it can meet your needs. Remember Linux is “free as in freedom” and “free of cost.”

We’ll also viewed:

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