01/2011 FOSS Sig

We began a new Linux Sig  year. My aim is to point the FOSS-Sig more towards free and open source Windows applications.

January I reviewed my personal top 20 Windows FOSS favorites listed below. We’ll also practiced using our own FOSS-Finder.

 Firefox  Thunderbird   OpenOffice/ LibreOffice  Irfanview 
 PDF Creator  Audacity  CD Burner XP  Picture Resizer 
 Smart Defrag  XAMPP  Netmeter  NVU / Kompozer
 Dropbox / Spider Oak  Ultra VNC   Unetbootin  Skype
 Windows Essentials Codec Pack   Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
 Linux Live USB Creator  IP2 

A new link for FOSS: 90 All time favorites from makeuseof.com

First LibreOffice Release arriveslibreoffice-logo


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