10/2011 FOSS Sig

At the FOSS-SIG meeting is October 27th:

ultravncTopic #1 – Setting up UltraVNC with Microsoft Security Essentials
Resolving problems we experienced in the October meeting.

Topic #2 – Find the fastest DNS Servers using the open source utility: Namebench

Topic #3 – Help with your software concerns and problems


October Links

Getting Caught not Reading the EULA
Windows 7 Installed Base Finally Exceeds XP
Internet Explorer is the safest Web browser!? Ha!
Windows 8 distribution takes a page from Linux
The Controversial History of Xvid
PhotoShop Alternatives for Linux
Post-PC: Why Intel Can No Longer Live in Denial
Will your computer’s “Secure Boot” turn out to be “Restricted Boot”?
The Free Software Directory
RMS – Too Crude to Lose
Software patents – a protection racket?
IP Security Portal
Free DNS Tools
Namebench for Windows

Do you have a topic of interest? Please email stu@fosssig.com
As always, bring your FOSS related questions or issues and
we’ll try to help you resolve them.


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