08/2012 FOSS SIG

open-source-logoWe had a FOSS-SIG meeting on August 30th at 1 pm.
I drove by the club house today and parking is still lousy but I plan to be there Thursday afternoon. As always, bring your FOSS related questions or issues and we’ll try to help you resolve them.

Lazy August Discussion Links:

  • Apple Stole iPhone Design From Sony, Patented It And Sued Everyone Else
  • Apple, Samsung and the patent circus
  • Google Wants Chrome 21 to See You
  • New APIs extend the utility of the browser for webcams and gamepads.
  • Five ways to skip Windows 8
  • Links to some free Microsoft manuals.
  • 9 Of The Best Free & Low-Cost Alternatives To Microsoft Office
  • How To Create Your Own Vocal-Free Karaoke Tracks
  • Easy & Powerful Online Image Editing With Pixlr

Sorry, the above links are not  live.

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