7/2013 FOSS SIG

At our last Linux and FOSS SIG meetings we’ve had excellent questions.

heartbeatDave wants to install Linux into a separate /home partition so data is not deleted or overwritten on a new install. This is easily done with a new install and can also be accomplished by using several terminal commands on a present installation. I showed what I have figured-out at our July meeting.

Paul is searching for a Linux tool like the Windows’ Device Manager. I’ve come up with several utilities that lists hardware information and how Linux configures and uses that hardware (and some Linux tools are improved over their Windows counterparts). The list includes: lshw, sysinfo, hardinfo, and gnome-system-monitor. We reviewed all of them at this meeting.

We can also do a live install. Please let me know if you are bringing hardware, And should we become bored, I have several never used still-current links from past SIG meetings.

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