02/2014 FOSS SIG

We had a great Linux SIG last Monday. Many thanks to Mary Jo Boyle who used her laptop and computer skills to show off Linux LXLE. We had several guests who seemed interested in Linux. I hope they return and fit-in  among the regulars.

6thThis meeting marked the 6th Anniversary of the TBCS FOSS SIG. At this meeting I reviewed the presentation I made last Saturday to the APCUG Virtual Technology  Conference about converting your old XP computer to LXLE Linux. Make that old slow and out-of-date computer into a snappy useful tool. We lined up one or two people to bring old XP computers at the next meeting to convert into Linux in less than an hour.

Finally, I reviewed the free “Have a Chromebook? Don’t be Scroogled!” class beginning Monday March 3rd at 1pm. Chromebooks are a great buy and with little effort can perform most tasks offline as well as online. I hope you will attend a week from Monday and we’ll set plans for the next few weeks. See more info here.

We also looked at the links listed below.

February FOSS Links:

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