08/2014 FOSS SIG

Our tentative August topic will be Bit Torrent presented by Averill Lockabay. As promised, here is the link to the makeuseof torrent guide.

From a checkered past lots of bad info still remains about torrent vulnerabilities which is untrue. Get the facts at our FOSS SIG.

08/2014 FOSS Links

Microsoft warns of pending support deadlines for Windows 7, Office 2010 SP1, Windows Server 2003, and more
Microsoft officials are beginning to sound the support warning bell for customers running a number of its popular products, including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, and more.
4 Free Virus Scanners’ Accuracy Compared
Need to scan your PC for malware? We’ve compared 4 free virus scanners to find the most effective and efficient.
Your Interest in Privacy Will Ensure You’re Targeted By The NSA
If you’ve ever searched for articles about online privacy, there is a strong chance that you’re now being targeted by the NSA. Scary thought, isn’t it?
The 2014 Guide To Windows 7 For Ex Windows XP Users
Have you finally decided to upgrade from Windows XP? You will get used to Windows 7 in no time. Let us help you settle in and get up to speed. Follow me.
Go Clean Your Hard Drive: 5 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less
Cleaning your hard drive is about as much fun as it sounds, but what if you could make a real difference in as little as ten minutes?
5 Types Of Free Content Riches You Can Dig Up At The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive keeps a variety of old content alive on the Web for the future. What kind of content can you dig up, and why should you care? Let’s find out.
15 CMD Commands Every Windows User Should Know
The command prompt is an antiquated tool from an era of text-based input. But some commands remain useful and Windows 8 even added new features. Find out which ones.
One Windows Tool To Get Instant Access To All Your Hardware Controls
Seeing how useful this tool is, it’s shockingly fameless. I’m talking about the Windows Mobility Center. Say what? See what I mean!
Who Funds Tor Project May Surprise You, or Maybe Not
NEWS ANALYSIS: The U.S government is helping foot the bill for the Tor Project, even as new attacks against the anonymous network platform are disclosed.
XBMC Is Getting a New Name – Introducing Kodi 14 | XBMC
How Accurate Are These 4 Big Name Virus Scanners?
Your PC is infected and you need a tool that will quickly find and perhaps erase the threat. Which of these four lightweight virus scanners will you choose?
Compare Microsoft vs. Linux

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