09/2014 FOSS SIG

The FOSS SIG meets Thursday September 25th at 1:00 pm

open-source-logoConsider this your personal invite to the TBCS September FOSS SIG next Thursday, September 25 and 1 pm in the club’s media center. I’ll replay part of my General Meeting presentation on my favorite open source / free software but we’ll have plenty of time if you have questions or wish to show us a problem. Smart people always attend and may be able to help cure your problem. All of the links below are also open to discussion. Please try to join us.

Find entertaining online videos at twit.tv

Remember we next meet the last Thursday of October (30th) and then skip November and December. So get your FOSS FIX before the holidays.

September FOSS Links:


I presented at the TBCS General Meeting on Tuesday 9/16. Here are links if you missed the meeting:

Who Controls Your Computer?
Richard Stallman at TED Geneva 2014 (a 14 minute video)

My list of open source and free software
A Google Presentation under my Google Drive account

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