04/2015 FOSS SIG

opensourceworld350The April FOSS SIG meets April 30 th at 1:00 pm in the TBCS Media Center.


We’ll divide our meeting into two parts:

kodiA Kodi Media Player discussion. A few brave folks have successfully installed Kodi on Linux. One member recently bought a Kodi hardware appliance. Our discussion will include free iptv and USTVNow.  Bring others you tried.

open-source-logoReview the following Kodi, Open Source, Windows, Chromebook, and Raspberry Pi links:

Kodi Links:

Record over the air on Kodi/xbmc a Google search

How to Watch and Record Live TV on Your Kodi Media Center Building a media center is a killer way to watch or stream your favorite movies and TV shows, but if you miss being able to watch live TV—and record it so you can watch it later—you can turn your Kodi box into a personal video recorder (PVR) with just a bit of setup. Here’s what you need to do.

My Over-The-Air (OTA) Cordcutting Setup With Kodi

Supported TV Tuners – OpenELEC

First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2 laptop coming with Pi-Top assembly kit The Pi-Top kit will turn an otherwise stationary Raspberry Pi 2 into a portable computer.

Complete Setup Guide for TVHeadEnd, Ubuntu, HDHomeRun Tuner, Kodi/XBMC, and North American Program Guides – Tvheadend

First Look at OSMC RC on the Raspberry Pi 2  Another media player

XBian | Kodi, the bleeding edge

2015 XBMC/KODI 5 BEST ADD-ONS FOR LIVE TV, SPORTS & PPV   Watch Live Tv on KODI by setting up IPTV PVR or by using Mashup, CLIQ or Navi-X.

Open Source Links:

Why We Need Free Digital Hardware Designs The concept of free hardware design that permits users to use the design and to copy and redistribute it, with or without changes.

How to answer questions the open source way The end result of your efforts will be a gradual increase in the number of like-minded people willing and able to help share the burden of providing help to those who need it. Community empowerment is one of the reasons we all like open source to begin with?

Triple-boot Windows 7, Linux Mint 17.1, Kali 1.1 on a PC with UEFI firmware Install all 3 operating systems on single hard drive. run update-grub

A Guide to Google Tools – Tips & Tricks You Can’t Live Without In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find tips, tricks and hacks that’ll help you make better use of Google services you already use. Whether novice or an expert, you’ll easily increase your productivity.

Hard Drives, SSDs, Flash Drives: How Long Will Your Storage Media Last? How long will hard drives, SSDs, flash drives continue to work, and how long will they store your data if you use them for archiving?

All You Need to Know about Video Codecs, Containers, and Compression Explaining the difference between codecs and containers is relatively simple, but the hard part is attempting to understand each format.

How to Test If Your Micro-USB Cable Is Charging Properly Find out exactly how fast your charger is charging your smartphone or tablet, and discover how to make it even faster.

Meet the White House’s new open source-happy IT director“First Geek” David Recordon comes from Facebook, open standards world

LibreOffice in the browser, revealed in 2011 is finally close to realityThe long-promised Android version hasn’t been forgotten, either.

The most popular US end-user operating systems, according to the federal government Windows is the number one desktop operating system by a wide margin, but you might be surprised at number two and three. Now if we counted Android and Chromebook…

Has your router been hijacked?

Everything You Need to Know About Home Networking Setting up a home network is not as hard as you think it is.

What’s the Cost of NSA Spying?

Meet The New Handbrake, the most useful media converter for Linux just got better The cross-platform Handbrake utility has gotten a significant update that makes it even better at converting videos between various codecs.

6 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Be Ignoring Right Now Scratch the surface. Amazon Prime has so many more benefits that people have forgotten about or simply don’t realize exist.


Upgrading to Windows 10 on pirated versions won’t get you a valid license
According to a new statement from Microsoft, the company isn’t actually looking to upgrade pirated Windows versions to a licensed Windows 10. Instead those who upgrade will remain unlicensed pirates.
Microsoft’s obsession with piracy threatens to create a Windows 10 licensing mess
Microsoft wants Windows 10 to run on every PC worldwide, which is why they’re offering it as a free upgrade to everyone running Windows 7 or 8.1. But the company’s obsession with “genuine” Windows threatens to scuttle that grand plan.
Microsoft Hates Linux – Patent Lawsuits Against Android/Linux Still Going On, New Ones Filed
Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures are suing Android companies using software patents while some Android vendors settle by becoming slaves of Microsoft
No love lost: Microsoft tries to block Linux on Windows machines
Secure Boot is back with vengeance, this time users may truly be locked into using Windows!
Windows goes open source? Microsoft plays coy
A Microsoft official says it’s a possibility, as far-fetched as that might seem now


Chrome OS gets sticky, as new Chromebooks emerge 
Google announced an Asus “Chromebit” HDMI stick running Chrome OS, plus four new low-cost Chromebooks, and opened its Android-to-Chrome OS app porting tech.
4 things you (probably) didn’t know you can do with Chrome for Linux
Here are some of the things a Linux user would not be able to do without Chrome.
​The best Chromebook ever: Google’s 2015 Pixel
The best Chromebook is also, easily, the most expensive Chromebook. For some people, though, it’s worth the money.
Google Goes Crazy for Chromebooks
Google has announced two new budget-busting Chromebook computers, a tablet/notebook convertible with a full swivel screen, and a Chrome computer-on-a-stick. The Haier Chromebook 11 and the Hisense Chromebook both are available for preorder for $149. The Asus Chromebook Flip will hit the market this spring with a $249 price tag. The Asus Chromebit will be available this summer for less than $100.


PressPi – A Turn-Key Raspberry Pi WordPress Server Image
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Wireless Access Point
Pi Overdose? Here’s 5 Raspberry Pi Alternatives
You’ve mastered the Raspberry Pi – now what? Here’s 5 of the best Pi alternatives to have a go with next.
3D Print This Limited Edition Pi 2 Case
Read about ‘3D Print This Limited Edition Pi 2 Case’ on element14.com. Hi Community members,  
What the Raspberry Pi 2’s Overclock Settings Mean
The Raspberry Pi 2 is a lot faster than its predecessors, but you still might want to overclock it for the best possible performance. Blogger Hayden James breaks down what each overclock setting does and shares some configurations for better performance.

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