05/2015 FOSS SIG

Catch-Up-Day-IMAGE1The Free and Open Source SIG meets Thursday May 28th at 1:00 pm.

We’ll explores several items so I’m calling the May FOSS SIG a Catch Up Day.  John Miller and I always bring a sandwich and come about noon. Feel free to join us!

googlevoiceI’m hoping to learn more about Google Voice. If you know anything about Voice I want to learn if it can decrease cell phone use.

chrome-speechPaul Hoven is willing to demo Google voice recognition. This Chrome cross-platform app works on Windows, Mac, Linux. cell phone or Chromebook.

Larry has been dual booting Windows and LXLE. He has several Linux media, backup and update questions. We may even do a new install on his computer.

An open source question time to get advise from our many knowledgeable members.

xmarks_logofire-ftpI want to share four prize Firefox addons I presently use: XMarks, QuickMarks, LastPass and FireFTP.


05/2015 Free & Open Source Links
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If you still think open source technology is less reliable than proprietary software, or less secure, it’s time to learn more about the private sector’s digital revolution. During the past year major tech brands such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have adopted a more open source philosophy, evident in their latest […]
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Apache OpenOffice is not only in trouble, but is its own worst enemy as well.
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We’ve all written emails in the heat of the moment that we’ve regretted the minute we pressed “send.” The good news is that Gmail now has a feature that will let you quickly erase your hastily written hate mail with just one click.
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The project has already surpassed the goal tenfold
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A Kickstarter campaign promises a $9 computer with a larger processor than Raspberry Pi and the ability for cheap and easy mobile computing.

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