06/2015 FOSS SIG

The next FOSS SIG is June 25th at 1:00 pm.

Agenda-Icon-150x150Bring a sandwich and have lunch with us at noon before the meeting. No formal agenda has been selected. I plan to try installing Skype on my Chromebook (I’ve not done this before and maybe you can help). How to run Skype on a Chromebook from ZDNet

You’re welcome¬† to bring a problem computer we can work on. I have this accumulation of interesting photo links to display.:

  1. Interesting photos…Europe++
  2. Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck
  3. Illegal Drone Photos
  4. Straddling Bus (3D bus)
  5. Bridges
  6. Epic Win Compilation – Part 33
  7. Samsung Safety Truck

Good fellowship and lots more will be happening including the infamous open source links (which we kind of missed in May).

linksicon06/2015 FOSS Links

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