03/2016 FOSS SIG

osi128Bring any issues you have with open source or free programs. If you need help finding free replacements for proprietary software, we’ll try to help. Plus we’ll look through the March Links

dickservisSad news, Dick Servis who was always at our FOSS meetings, passed away at 86 years of age. Dick’s encouragement kept me plugging-away at open source software. We’ll all remember Dick and his strong dislike for Windows.

In honor of Dick I’m including this link for Never10.

March FOSS Links

3 Risks to Your Personal Data When Staying at a Hotel
After Using Project Fi for Three Weeks, This Is What I Found
QuickMark speeds up bookmarking in Firefox
The Pirate Bay Starts Streaming Movies, Twitter Is Slowly Dying..
Analysis Of The Top 10 Linux Distributions Of 2015 
JPEG, GIF, or PNG? Image Filetypes Explained and Tested
Microsoft Continues to Use Software Patents to Extort/Blackmail Even More Companies That Use Linux, Forcing/Coercing Them Into Preinstalling Microsoft 
Got $500? You can buy a Tesla for that – but there’s a small catch
LibreOffice 5.1 Offers Reorganized User Interface for Its Apps
What Can Photoshop Do That GIMP Can’t?
Kodi 16.0 “Jarvis” Massive Update Has Finally Arrived
ReactOS The Perfect Windows Alternate
How to find and install open source fonts 
The Raspberry Pi 3: Faster, Better, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Raspberry Pi: New NOOBS and Raspbian releases
Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 2 to Get New Release with Performance Improvements & more
Plex Media Server, Sync Media Across All Of Your Devices

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