04/2016 FOSS SIG

free_software_foundationThe government and our privacy is a hot topic. We’ll view the keynote address of Libreplanet 2016 with Edward Snowden. We’ll also view a very-well-done short video of an English girl completely made with open source software.

Since I did not get to the March Links, we’ll view them plus these April 2016 Links:

linksiconLibreplanet 2016: The Last Lighthouse
A Young Linux-Loving Singer-Songwriter
Is Proprietary Software Holding Linux Back? 
The Pentagon Needs Hackers, 
​The US government buys into open-source programming 
Top Open Source Creativity Apps
How to Tell if Your Computer is Vulnerable to Hackers
How Netflix Knows Exactly What You Want to Watch
Best Open Source Software for Windows 10 
Skype’s Dead – All Hail WebRTC
How to Dim the Blinding Glare of Your Gadgets’ LED Lights
5 Tech Upgrades You Should Avoid (To Save Money)
TP-Link Promises Ban on Open Source Wireless Router Firmware | Open Source Application Software Companies content 
Remix OS Fills Android Desktop Void
Microsoft is Pretending to be a FOSS Company in Order to Secure Government Contracts With Proprietary Software in ‘Open’ Clothing 
5 Good Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Office 2016
Free Tech Refresher: OSS Isn’t Always FOSS 
Router Company Lazily Blocks Open Source Router Firmware, Still Pretends To Value ‘Creativity’ 
So Your Router Is Skynet – A Layman’s Guide 
BeansBooks Review 2016 
Pi Links
Move over Raspberry Pi, here’s a $20, coin-sized, open-source Linux computer
Raspberry Pi 3: Raspbian Linux and NOOBS distributions updated 
Plex Media Server on the Raspberry Pi 2 – Joy and Anguish
Apple Introduces Their Answer To The Raspberry Pi 
The Raspberry Pi 3: Faster, Better, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Raspberry Pi: New NOOBS and Raspbian releases
Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 2 to Get New Release with Performance Improvements
There Is No Chrome For Pi 

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