07/2017 All July SIGs


7/13 @  10am – 1on1 Chromebook Support

We meet Thursday morning July 13th from 10 am till Noon. Bring your Chromebook and we’ll help you become a Chromebook power user.

7/17 @ 7pm – Linux SIG

Linux SIG meets Monday July 17 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. I’m willing to install Linux on someone’s computer, We’ll discuss the new Pop!_OS and July’s Linux Links.

7/20 @ 1pm – Tinkerer’s SIG

Lots has happened this month. I will show off my $99 Pinebook computer running Linux and give an update on my digital signage project, Bring your ideas, See these July Tinkerer Links.

7/27 @ 10am – Chrome SIG

I’ll show two ways to dual boot a Chromebook with Linux. and everyone can show their favorite extensions. Brring your ideas and see these July Chome Links.

7/27 @ 1pm – FOSS SIG

Steve Jobs: His Story provides an in-depth profile of the man who redefined technology even for us Windows and Linux users.

Yes, we’re watching techie movies this summer. Next month: Snowden 2016

View the July FOSS Links.


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