09/2017 All September SIGS

September 2017 This month I host five TBTC meetings:

1on1 Chromebook Support meets September 14 @ 10 am. Bring your Chromebook and we’ll help you to do whatever you like. Or if you’re thinking about a Chromebook, come play with my to see how it works. We always have coffee and good conversation.

The Linux SIG meets Monday September 18 @ 7 pm. Last month I had my $99 Pinebook laptop that had issues with Android and Ubuntu Mate. I’ve now installed Q4OS, a very-lightweight distro that works well and installs on most hardware and reminds me of Puppy Linux.. I plan to showoff neofetch, a neat terminal utility and discuss these recent Linux Links.

The Tinkerer SIG meeting is September 21 @ 1 pm. I’m building a digital sign using a $35 RaspberryPi. Hopefully we can attract more fellow tinkerers. September TLinks

The Chrome SIG meets September 28 @ 10 am. We talk Chromebooks here and how they’ve become the ideal inexpensive mainstream computer for education, business and home users. At this meeting I’ll show how to dual boot Linux on a Chromebook.  Chrome Links

The FOSS SIG on September 28 @ 1 pm is watching a video documentary: “Zero Days” about  our government and the STUXnet virus epidemic. Why not come and watch it with us.

In October we’ll get back to Free and Open Source alternative to proprietary closed source programs. FOSS Links

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