10/2017 All October SIGs

Chromebook Support meets Oct. 12 @ 10 am

Paul and I plan to open and replace the dead battery in Bernie’s Chromebook. Notice Chrome links below for background to Benrie’s Acer laptop.

Linux SIG meets Oct. 16 @ 7 pm

Meeting topic: TBA. Bring questions or problems.
October Linux Links

Tinkerer SIG for Oct. 19 is canceled. 

We’ll next meet on November 15 at 1 pm. Here are a few October Tinkerer Links.

Chrome SIG meets Oct. 26 @ 10 am

Need help with your Chromebook? We’ll also discuss the new $1,000 Google Pixelbook and these October Chrome Links

FOSS SIG meets Oct. 26 @ 1 pm

After four months watching compelling videos, we’ll return to discussing free and open source tools that replace expensive proprietary programs. Hopefully we’ll help you save money, I plan to review June through these October FOSS Links.

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