January 2018 SIGs

January 2018 meeting dates:

Thursday, January 11 @ 10 am — Chromebook Support
If you have a Chromebook or thinking about getting one we have one-on-one Chrome support the second Thursday of each month. Bring your own Chromebook or use mine to see this is a powerful rival to a Windows laptop.

Monday, January 15 @ 7:00pm — Linux SIG
This month I’ll show how I rip DVD movies using Handbrake and VLC for precise multi-option viewing. I’ll also show how to make your own desktop videos with Vokoscreen plus answer your Linux questions.

Thursday, Jan. 18 @ 1 pm — Tinkerer’s SIG
More Raspberry Pi fun this month. Hopefully I will have both Allexa and Google both working on the same hardware I used last month.

Thursday. Jan. 25 @ 10 am — Chromebook SIG
We’ll look through the Chrome links (see below), look at any new Chrome toys you might bring and answer Chromebook questions.

Thursday. Jan. 25 @ 1 pm — FOSS SIG
Don’t spend $$ on software.– we’ll try to help you select an open source or no cost alternative There are lots of FOSS Links below.

January 2018 SIG Links

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