Linux SIG

Tux_the_Linux_Penguin_by_hello_123456Our Linux special interest group encourages the use of Linux and BSD in place of expensive proprietary, closed-source operating systems (i.e. Windows & MAC-OS). Linux is a complete, constantly updated, free open source operating system suitable for servers, desktops and laptop computers.

Linux is a complete, attractive free open source operating system: a viable alternative to Windows or MacOS.

Linux is packaged in a variety of flavors called distributions or distros. Hundreds of distros are cataloged at Linux installs from online downloads are easy for home users to install.

Linux revives new life to older hardware. Older XP-type computers with 1Gb RAM successfully power a full Linux installation with LibreOffice and GIMP for zero cost.

tbcs-logo144The Linux SIG looks at Linux and applications where we all learn together and have fun among friends. Please feel free to join “the techies” on the third Monday at 7:00 pm in the TBCS Resource Center. The Linux-SIG is proudly sponsored by the Tampa Bay Computer Society.

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