9/2012 Linux SIG

At the September 2012 TBCS Linux-SIG meeting:



Howard Gray delivered a Raspberry Pi (checkout this link, this is the $35 ARM11 computer). It successfully runs slim versions of Debian and Fedora. I plan to run XBMC on it soon. I’ll demo this at the September SIG meeting and we’ll brainstorm tasks for it. I’m not sure about the display since the Pi outputs HDMI but I’m going to try an inexpensive converter.

100px-PEPPERMINTWe’ll also look at Peppermint OS Three. Peppermint is a lightning-fast desktop OS based on Lubuntu and Linux Mint which loads quickly and can access some cloud services. I’ve installed Peppermint3 on two older laptops, the SIG computer and recently put the 64 bit on my main home computer. Peppermint installed on a memory stick allows you to take-it to any computer.

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