11/2013 Linux SIG

pearos-8Monday November 18 @ 7 pm

Too bad Averill was away cruising the Mediterranean. We test drove Pear OS 8 an elegant Ubuntu/Debian derivative that has a desktop display resembling the Mac. So far I’m impressed with this one and you might be too.

I updated our Linux 101 Class status and had a sample of the Tuesday presentation for the General Meeting. Paul brought a live version of Bodhi Linux we viewed and we went through the list of makeuseof Best Linux offerings.

We were so busy we did not get to these November Links:

  • Low-end laptops:The rise of the Chromebook Some people are still in denial about the rise of the Linux operating system with the Chrome Web browser interface, Chrome OS, and its hardware: the Chromebooks. Experts say, it’s the one segment of the PC market that’s growing while everything else shrinks.

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