5/2013 Linux SIG

Linux-SIG May 20, 2013:

gruberr-150x150 I had a request to do a session on Grub2. Well I got into a nasty bind with grub that refused to boot my nettop in either Linux or Windows. I read plenty of articles with lots of suggestions and finally settled on Rescatux. It did half the job (it fixed Windows mbr) for which I am thankful. This was the best suggestion and compared to other ideas it worked easily. I’ll tell you about my issues.

Grub2 has lots of documentation for developers, not frustrated users. I did locate Grub Customizer that makes GUI changes (here is another article on Grub Customizer). I also found Burg which I’ll demo and Super-Boot-Manager that lets you change things in Grub via GUI screens.lubuntu.sh-180x180

Lubuntu 13.04 was released in April and its now installed on the nettop computer. I’ll demo this since its the latest and greatest Ubuntu for legacy computers. I’m going to forget VNC in May but it may possibly happen in June. At Linux SIG meetings there is always time for questions. If you plan to bring in a computer, please let me know ahead of time.

Bring questions or issues to the SIG and we’ll attempt to help you resolve them.

May 2013 TBCS General Meeting

linux its everywhere


Chuck Vroman asked me to present at the May General TBCS Meeting. My topic was “Linux It’s everywhere!”

I presented on a legacy four year old nettop computer now running Lubuntu 13.04 with LibreOffice 4.0.2 Impress. View the presentation and/or writeup online (courtesy of Google Docs).

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