6/2013 Linux SIG

Linux-SIG June 17, 2013:

hybrydeLast week I appropriated a new computer (for awhile). The grandson who lived here for the past seventeen months moved to Alaska and left his homebuilt Windows7 computer behind that he never had working well. This hardware is advanced over my present desktop: an Asus P8P67 motherboard with an Intel i7-2600 processor, 8 GB RAM and Nvidia gamer graphics. To not destroy his setup so I pulled his HDD and tested the chassis with the latest Linux Mint 15 in live mode. This was a winner so I invested in a new 1 TB drive and installing Mint on it. The result is impressive. I’m bringing it to the Linux SIG so you can see Mint Cinnamon and another distro called Hybryde Fusion. Hybryde allows the comparison of several Linux desktop environments without rebooting. I think you’ll find our June Linux SIG interesting. In addition, we can do one or two Linux installs if someone brings hardware. June 2013 Linux links are posted below:

June Linux Links:

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