05/2015 Linux SIG

The Linux SIG meets Monday May 18th at 7 pm.


Hardware Firewalls

Exactly six years ago we researched hardware firewalls at the FOSS SIG. Several free open source solutions exist for those that require added Internet protection.

untangle_logoipfire_tux This month we’ll look at two firewalls: IP Fire and Untangle. Both are open source / commercial products that limit and report Internet access in public areas. These products are  often good-enough to protect the internal network and let users know their access is being seriously monitored.

Both firewalls use  an old computer with two network cards for hardware. As you might have guessed, both use an embedded Linux operating system.

As usual, bring Linux-related questions and we’ll try to answer them. These May 2015 Linux Links will be discussed as time permits:

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