06/2015 Linux SIG

Demo of the Symple PC w/ LinuxMint XFCE

symplelogoWhen I read about the $89 SymplePC, and saw decent reviews I decided to buy one to see how a recycled robust computer with 2GB RAM performed. Online ordering was easy, FedEx shipping brought total cost to $106, delivery was four days.

symplepc-287x350Unpacked, the Symple is in a shiny new steel case without a fingerprint or blemish. I powered it on and looked in the BIOS. This was an 2005 Acer with an Intel Pentium 4 processor, 80GB HDD, 2GB RAM, VGA graphics, five USB, audio and Ethernet ports. It also has legacy PS2, serial and parallel ports. A green power switch is located on the rear. I quickly looked through the BIOS settings and all appeared good.

I booted into an OEM version of Ubuntu 14.04 Unity. I added a user and password and the computer spun finally asking for a reboot. That was it, in less than fifteen minutes I was operational. Everything worked: video was optimized for my monitor, sound and networking worked without any user intervention. Even a novice user could get Symple operational with just a few mouse clicks.
redlinesymplepcbackThis might have ended my report but I personally have not adjusted well to the Unity / Dash Ubuntu desktop. I decided to try LinuxMint XFCE32, the lightest of the Mint family I use on my other computers. Using Symple and Ubuntu I downloaded the LinuxMint XFCE 17.1 ISO file, then using Unetbootin I put burned the ISO on a USB stick.

I booted with the USB and tested LinuxMint XFCE live. It looked good so I installed it on the Symple hard drive using a 40GB partition. Install took only ten minutes and updates another 20 minutes. In 30 minutes the system was operational and configured perfectly. Mint XFCE was responsive even when using the Compiz desktop settings.

xfceicon_005Symple, Mint & xfce have made a nice computer!

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