11/2015 Linux SIG

November Linux SIG will be held on
Monday November 16 @ 7pm.
Remember no FOSS SIG till January (happy turkey and Christmas)

November agenda notes:

  1. Linux backups using Clonezilla and ReDo
  2. Live test Zoom at this SIG meeting. Please bring a laptop so we can help each other to connect.
  3. fossetcon-headerSome members of the FOSS and Linux SIGs are planning to attend Fossetcon 2015 at Disney in Orlando November 19-21, I’m planning to attend Fossetcon 2015 on Friday, November 20 to hear Richard Stallman the man behind Open Source. Lots of speakers were recently added to their website so you may want to take a look and join us for our first ever Linux/FOSS field trip. Email or call Stew at sbottorf@gmail.com or (727)753-8614. Admission is just $10.

I have lots of new Linux / FOSS Links displayed below. We won’t have time to view all but lots of interesting items are here.


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