01/2014 Linux SIG


ZorinOS8 RC Linux configured for Windows users

We looked at the latest release candidate for Zorin OS8 which is recommended as a direct WindowsXP replacement. This distro shows me lots of promise but it has a small user group and is based on the short release cycle of Ubuntu. Updates broke compiz fusion and Wine configuration.

We looked at Linux three terminal commands:  ~ (tilde), ls and pwd and the modifier –help

We struggled through this long list of discussion links:

2013: A Linux Christmas
Linux-powered gear was a holiday-season winner.
10 Linux distros to watch in 2014
What to expect in the world of Linux in the upcoming year.
How To Check Your Hardware Information In Linux
How are you? Do you like to check your hardware information in linux with a gui tool? The tool used in this article is called i-nex
GRUB Customizer 4 released.
GRUB Customizer is a graphical utility for managing GRUB 2, the Linux boot loader. This article shows how to install it on Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16.
Simple Screen Recorder
Linux Federation | Linux For Everyone
SOL Laptop | The Solar Laptop
Belkin Brings Back Linksys WRT Wi-Fi Router
Iconic Wi-Fi router gets a refresh in first product update since Cisco sold Linksys to Belkin.
Dual boot USB drive – tutorial
Carry around a multi-booting hard drive you can connect to any computer.
Linux Federation | Linux For Everyone
” Linux is Everywhere. From Space Stations to Microwave Ovens, Linux powers everything.”
6 More Great Linux Operating Systems For Netbooks
The key to a good netbook operating system is to fully utilise its resources. Memory usage has to be kept to a minimum when running idle. The screen is smaller so you need a navigation system that doesn’t clutter the screen. Here is a list of another 6 great Linux operating systems for Netbooks.
Linux powers smart LED bulbs, crockpot, maker kit
Belkin is expanding its line of WeMo home automation products with smart LED bulbs, an automated crockpot, and a maker kit for WeMo-izing your own devices.


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