12/2014 Linux SIG


Several things are happening at this end-of-the-year Linux SIG, See you Monday December 15th at 7pm at the TBCS clubhouse.

  • Averill Lochabay will be presenting.
  • I’ll planning to demo LinuxMint17.1 this time using the Mate edition.

December combined FOSS and Linux Links:
(a very long list)

Who Really Needs A Mac Pro?

      If you’ve thought of buying a Mac Pro, you may want to reconsider.

Excel Vs. Access – Can A Spreadsheet Replace A Database?

      Which tool should you use to manage data? Access and Excel both feature data filtering, collation and querying. We’ll show you which one is best suited for your needs.

Kickstart Your Smart Home With 4 Easy Projects

      Creating a smart home might sound like a huge undertaking, and it can be difficult to know where to start. But it’s not as hard as you might think!

4 Good Reasons To Get an Emergency Burner Phone

      Your smartphone has tons of features, and that’s a great thing. Sometimes, you just need a basic phone to keep around for emergencies. Let’s look at why.

WinUSB – Create Windows Startup USB Disks On Ubuntu

      It’s been years since I use Windows OS. However, many users are still using Windows for various purpose especially for gaming. If you’re one of them, then

Raspberry Pi Model A+ out now. 20% cheaper, 24% shorter and 42% thinner!

      You can buy a Raspberry Pi Model A+ right now. It costs around $20/£15, it’s just 56mm long, 12mm thick and uses up to 45% less power than a Model B+…

Tiny $269 3D resin printer runs Linux on Raspberry Pi

      The $269 iBox Nano, billed as the “world’s smallest, cheapest 3D resin printer,” offers WiFi and 328 Micron resolution, and runs Linux on a Raspberry Pi.

Ten operating systems for the Raspberry Pi

      The OSes the Raspberry Pi can run will amaze you!

Why Microsoft loves Linux

      Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer may have hated Linux, but new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft loves Linux. What changed Microsoft’s mind?

FOSS and the Fear Factor

      In a world that’s been dominated for far too long by the Systemd Inferno, Linux fans will have to be forgiven if they seize perhaps a bit too gleefully upon the scraps of cheerful news that come along on any given day. Of course, for cheerful news, there’s never any better place to look than the Reglue effort, run by longtime Linux advocate and all-around-hero-for-kids Ken Starks.

The open-sourcing of Microsoft

      Microsoft is finally getting real about open-source software.

The Case Against Rolling Release Linux Distros

      In many cases, using a rolling release Linux distro requires more work for the user.

Linux Vs Unix: The Crucial Differences That Matter To Linux Professionals

      Linux didn’t appear out of thin air; before the creation of Linux, and before the rise of Windows, the computing world was dominated by Unix. What exactly is the difference between Linux and Unix?

A GNU Beginning For Microsoft: What An Open Source .NET Framework Means For The Rest Of Us

      Microsoft just released a significant part of its code under a permissive open source license. This move breaks with years of tradition. But why and what does it mean for you?

How to visualize memory usage on Linux

Linux Wireless-N Broadband Router

      For the very best in wireless broadband technology for GNU/Linux, look no further than a DD-WRT wifi router. This Wireless-N Broadband Router is easy to set up and comes preloaded with the free DD-WRT firmware.

The Easiest Raspberry Pi Media Centre, With RasPlex

      The Raspberry Pi is a surprisingly capable little computer. In the past, we’ve show you how to make a Raspberry Pi home theatre with Rasbmc. Since we publi

New Linux OS That Respects Google’s Material Design Is in the Works

      Google's new Material Design approach proved to be a real success and now Linux developers are looking to make a new distribution that is capable of adhering to those guidelines, which is actually something new in the ecosystem.

How To Use Compiz In Ubuntu MATE 14.04 Or 14.10

      If you’re using Ubuntu MATE 14.04 or 14.10, here’s a quick guide for how to enable Compiz. The article includes instructions for reverting the changes in case something goes wrong.

dupeGuru – Find And Remove Duplicate Files Instantly From Hard Drive

      Introduction Disk full is one of the big trouble for us. No matter how we’re careful, sometimes we might copy the same file to multiple locations, or downl

How To Create A Multiboot USB From Ubuntu Using MultiSystem

      Introduction For those who don’t know, MultiSystem is a small, Open Source freeware to create a multiboot usb drives from Linux systems. Using this utility

5 Easy To Use & Free Alternatives To Microsoft Access

      Microsoft Access is a complex database tool with a steep learning curve. If you’re searching for more intuitive and free alternatives with comparable features, we’ve got you covered!

Pear OS Linux Concept Revived as Pearl Linux 1.0 – Screenshot Tour

      Pear OS Linux was a very successful Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that wanted to provide an experience similar to Mac OS X. That operating system is gone now, but Pearl Linux wants to replace it.

Setting up Linux Mint 17.1 for the first time

      Getting Linux Mint to work is simple.

Two Ways Your ISP Is Spying On You

      It’s a bad time to be a Verizon customer.

Linux Foundation finds enterprise Linux growing at Windows’ expense

    According to a new report from The Linux Foundation, Linux is leading Windows on both the cloud and in enterprise application deployments.

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