03/2016 Linux SIG

androidx86This month we’ll take a look at Android for x86 computers and the new Remix OS which is a customization of Android.

Android is the most popular operating system in use today with the majority of install on smartphones. Google has tweaked Android to work well on mobile devices that have a touch screen and no keyboard or mouse. Things get tricky on a laptop computer that has no touchscreen and does have keyboard and a left/right click mouse.  Let’s see how the x86 team has adapted the popular operating system for laptop use.

Remix_OSNext we’ll move to Remix OS that has privately adapted Android for laptop computers and their own inexpensive set-top boxes. Remix only works on certain hardware and they are getting lots of recent publicity for their private system attempting to do the same thing.

As usual we’ll have time to share our Linux experiences and any new versions you may have tried. Bring questions or problem hardware and we’ll attempt to help you.

And we’ll also have our March Linux Links;

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