04/2016 Linux SIG

April Topic: Mitigating Disaster

visual_backup_securityBackups are something we always mean to do and never quite complete in a timely manner avoiding disaster when hardware fails. At our last FOSS-SIG we had a guest who was devastated with loosing her WnidowsXP and bookmarks. Other people have irreplaceable PFDs, photos, music or recordings. Passwords need to be safely backed up too. Remember the hard drive will one-day fail, so we should not be surprised but ready.

Backups are important for all technology users:  computers, cameras, smartphones, pads, etc. and webpages. We’ll discuss portable external drives, internal drives and the cloud (thank goodness we no longer consider tapes or DVDs). What should we backup, how often and when to run them. I hope to pick your brains for my situations. Bring your best ideas, this promises to be a lively discussion.

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