09/2016 Linux SIG

Linux with Secure Boot Enabled = User Frustration

c04565292Averill Lockabay loaned me (well, really all of us) his HP Win8.1 laptop asking me to install Linux Mint while maintaining the Windows secure boot.

At the Linux SIG I’ll share my 2 week mostly-successful journey complicated by my personal UEFI learning plus being exceptionally careful not to loose Windows on this borrowed computer. This has been a great learning experience as I learned necessary contemporary Windows tweaks.

uefiFrom Linux Mint 18 release notes by Clem:

UEFI support UEFI is fully supported. Linux Mint is not certified by Microsoft (and should not need to be). If your computer is using “secureBoot”, turn it off. Note: If you really need secureBoot, you will need to use rEFInd and sign the kernel with a MOK).

My UEFI knowledge grew as the install progressed:

  1. The rEFInd Boot Manager
  2. Managing EFI Boot Loaders for Linux: Dealing with Secure Boot
  3. How To Change The EFI Boot Order With efibootmgr
  4. My experiments with multi-boot selection with UEFI boot manager
  5. How can I dual-boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu on a UEFI HP notebook?
  6. UEFI Official Ubuntu Documentation
  7. How to Repair GRUB2 When Ubuntu Won’t Boot
  8. What is fast startup in Windows 8 and how to disable it

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