11/2016 Linux SIG



This month we’ll take a look at the newly released Knoppix 7.7.1 It is super! Wait till you see the default Compiz configuration. You might use this as a rescue disc or install it on your computer.



We’ll get updated info from our guest Jerry as he completed installing Linux on his new Acer Laptop w/ UEFI and SecureBoot. Remember, someday soon we’ll all need to face the SecureBoot issue.


wattoslogoI read an article on the speed of WattOS R10 so I downloaded a 32 bit version for older hardware. Let’s compare it to Peppermint7.



At the next Ubuntu release cycle there will be a new supported edition based on Budgie Remix. I loaded this on my laptop and so far, I like it. We’ll use this for viewing the links (see below).

Remember no Chromebook or FOSS SIGs till January.
November Linux Links:

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