02/2016 Linux SIG

The Linux SIG next meets February 15 at 7:00 pm

gentoo_bumper.sh-600x600I’ve been busy the past month working with the new 2016 TBCS Chromebook Class. I’ve become even more convinced Chrome meets most-all of my computing needs. You might already know both Google Chome and Chromium are built upon the open source Linux kernel from an older reliable distribution of Linux called Gentoo Linux. So, what is Gentoo?

I’m bringing a hybrid Gentoo ISO we can view. Gentoo install is a huge process reminding me of the old-Linux days. Gentoo is real Linux and it should be fun looking outside our comfortable variety of Ubuntu-flavored distros. I’m curious how our group sees this long-time Linux favorite that is the basis of many better-known Linux distros.

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