TINKERERS (Cutting Cable)



Yes, I’m a tinkerer, someone who grew up building HeathKits and now dabbles with open source and Linux software. .

kodi_iconI just bought the new model Raspberry Pi3 computer that I want to make into a streaming media player. Fully assembled KODI (an open source program) devices sell online for $200-300 but I plan to build mine for $50-100. I’m inviting you to join me at the TBCS clubhouse on Thursday July 21st at 1:00 pm to share my fun.

Come and watch while I tinker-through setting this up. This will be a live demo as I’ve not done this before. I aim to refine my Kodi design so I might cut the TV portion from my cable bill. If you want to make your own device, I’ll help, I’ll send or give you a hardware list and we can build them together.

Who says old folks can’t have fun?

Stew Bottorf

Special interest groups of Tampa Bay Technology Center