Stew's April 2017 SIG Links

04/2017 Linux

April Fools - Google Buys Ubuntu: First Look at Gobuntu - YouTube
We start this week covering the latest news about Red Hat’s record profits, some new changes coming video editing & audio sampling under linux & Apple releas...
25 years of Linux in 5 minutes - YouTube
Jeremy Garcia of and Bad Voltage (podcast) delivers 25 years of Linux in five minutes: starting with Linux's first steps as "just a hobby"...
Desktop Linux the best it’s ever been—and keeps getting better | Network World
Not only is Linux powerful, but now it is viable and enjoyable to use for just about every purpose conceivable. And it's far better than Windows.
Ubuntu Unity Converged Linux Desktop Effort Ceases Development
NEWS ANALYSIS: Canonical's attempt to build a converged desktop experience with Ubuntu Unity is now over.
Protect Your Online Privacy With The Tor Browser Bundle -
Learn the basics of protecting your privacy online with the Tor Browser Bundle.
How to install Skype 5.0 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint
Guide on how to install Skype 5.0 in Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Mint 18. Latest updates of Skype 5.0 for Linux Skype Users.
Linux Action Show to End Eleven-Year Run at LFNW | FOSS Force
Four Things a New Linux User Should Know | FOSS Force
How To Hide Files in File Manager Without Renaming | 2daygeek
10 Portable Apps Every Linux User Should Use - Make Tech Easier
The 9 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives for Linux
Today, FossMint brings you the top 6 free alternative cloud storage apps to Dropbox for your Linux desktop.
How to Set Up an Automatic Backup System on Linux with Dropbox - Make Tech Easier
You should always have a good backup plan in place to safeguard your data. Here is how you can set up an automatic backup of your Linux system to Dropbox.
Microsoft’s Patent Extortion Against Linux Now Targets Watches With Linux on Them | Techrights
Only a week or two after going for Toyota's bank account (over operating systems and file system patents, i.e. Linux) Microsoft goes after another Japanese giant, Casio, which uses Android
The Linux Foundation: Not a Friend of Desktop Linux, the GPL, or Openness | FOSS Force
After stirring up a ruckus by using words like "restrictive" and "virus" to describe the GP, the Linux Foundation quietly removed the post from the website.
Create beautiful ASCII text banners in Linux - Kernel Talks
Learn how to use two utilities called figlet and toilet to create beautiful ASCII text banners in Linux terminal. Stylize your terminal!
Why Ubuntu dumping Unity is a good thing | PCWorld
While Unity 8 was something a lot of Ubuntu fans looked forward to, rolling with the GNOME project again has some positive points.

04/2017 Chrome

Top Google Chrome extensions for security, productivity, and privacy (March 2017) - Page 21 | ZDNet
If you are a Google Chrome user and you're not making use of extensions, then you are really missing out. Here are a huge selection of extensions... - Page 21
How to force quit apps on a Chromebook
What is the Chromebook equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Delete?
Google Chrome fake app designed to steal credit card data emerges
How to use a Chromebook: 10 must-know tips, tricks, and tools for beginners | PCWorld
Chromebooks are dead-simple to use, but just like any PC a little tweaking makes your experience that much better.
Microsoft Edge gets pwned, Google Chrome is “unhackable”
Microsoft Edge took a beating at the recent Pwn2Own 2017 hacking contest.
Apple’s Bid To Reclaim The Classroom From Chromebooks May Be Too Late | Fast Company
With price cuts and new features, Apple is making iPads more school-friendly–but only after Chromebooks became go-to educational machines.
12 keyboard shortcuts every Chromebook owner needs to know - CNET
Google Opens Up on Open Source | Development content from Windows IT Pro
Google Chrome Incognito mode: Winky face appears when you’ve watched too much porn
Ubuntu Mate on a Chromebook with Crouton – Power User – Medium
If you use Google Chrome, here is some VERY encouraging news | Tech | Life & Style |
GOOGLE CHROME is not only the most popular web browser in the world, but it is also the least hackable, according to the results of the 10th annual Pwn2Own event.
Yes, you can run Windows programs on a Chromebook - CNET
Can't live without a particular Windows program? Here's the trick for running it on your Chromebook.
Chrome now uses scroll anchoring to prevent those annoying page jumps | TechCrunch
The latest update to Google's Chrome browser makes mobile browsing a bit easier and (hopefully) less frustrating.
8 Brilliant Search Tools Hidden Within Google Photos
Google Photos' search tools have powerful algorithms that are on par with that of Google's search engine.
6 New Free Gmail Extensions for Chrome You Need to Install
If you use the mighty combination of Google Chrome and Gmail, there are some new browser extensions you need to check out.

04/2017 FOSS

Microsoft Goes Completely Open Source — Grab All Its Software And Source Code For Free
Report: Android overtakes Windows as the internet’s most used operating system | TechCrunch
How to Securely Dispose of an SSD
Solid State Drives (SSD) work a little differently than hard drive and no amount of drilling holes, degaussing, or zeroing out will actually properly secure the SSD. If you need to get rid of an SSD, you have a couple options, encrypt or shred. Here’s what you need to know.
Your Dropbox Public Folder Isn't Public Anymore
If you’re a longtime Dropbox user, you might have noticed that your Dropbox folder changed a little yesterday. That’s because the Public folder is no longer public.
FreeFileSync - Compare and Synchronize Files
FreeFileSync is a free, open source and cross platform folder comparison and synchronization software, which helps you synchronize files and folders on Linux.
3 open source alternatives to Bitly |
Want to build your own URL shortener? These open source projects make it easy.
How to Build Your Own Media Center with OpenELEC - Make Tech Easier
Have you ever wanted to make your own home theater system? This article will show you the complete installation guide to build a media center with OpenELEC.
'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court • The Register
8 Projects You Can Make With an Old Hard Drive
Don't throw out that old hard drive from your computer! Whether it's functional or not, your old drive still has some cool uses.
Ingenious New Service Thwarts ISP Snooping, Allows Any Site To Join The Tor Network | Digital Trends
Tor is a great tool if you’re looking for extra privacy for a website. This hosting company lets any site have a presence on the network.
Apple Is Reportedly Working On Another iPhone Chip And This Tiny Company's Stock Is Reeling
Being a chip supplier to Apple can be a raw deal.
Raspberry Pi rival NanoPi NEO's answer to cheap NAS: Build your own for $31 | ZDNet
Why buy a network-attached storage device when you can build your own in 10 easy steps?
Google's Android Things OS won't work on new Raspberry Pi board | PCWorld
The new Raspberry Pi Zero W was designed to be a board to make internet of things devices, but a key OS from Google won't work on the hardware.
Raspberry Pi Zero W review | AndroidAuthority
The Raspberry Pi foundation recently launched the Raspberry Pi Zero W, a new variant that adds built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Here is our review!
A $6 Linux computer that plays Doom: Could this tiny Chinese clone challenge the Raspberry Pi Zero? - TechRepublic
On paper the LicheePi Zero has a faster and more modern processor than the Raspberry Pi Zero, but there also several potential drawbacks to the new board.
Check the STOCK of Raspberry Pi ZERO and Raspberry Pi ZERO W. |