Stew's October Bookmarks

10/2017 Linux Links

Desktop Linux Now Has its Highest Market Share Ever
Has Linux's market share really doubled in two months?
​No, the Linux desktop hasn't jumped in popularity | ZDNet
Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya MATE Complete Review - LinuxAndUbuntu - Linux News | Apps Reviews | Linux Tutorials HowTo
The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Monthly News – August 2017
Best New Linux Desktop Environments - Datamation
3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Today
How to Install Multiple Linux Distributions on One USB

10/2017 Chrome Links

Get ready to update, because Google Drive dies next March
Are My Amazon Echo and Google Home Spying on Everything I Say?
In-home voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are convenient, but are they also a secret back door for the government and corporations to spy on everything you say? No. Of course not. Reports of the Echo and Google Home’s ability to spy on you have been greatly exaggerated.
3 Ways You Can Use Android as a Desktop Operating System
8 Google Slides Tips You Should Know Before Your Next Presentation
How to set up a VPN on a Chromebook | Android Central
Google Pixelbook first look: a stunning $1,000 laptop - The Verge

Bernie: replace battery

BattPit: Laptop Battery Replacement for Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU, 3ICP5/57/80, AC14B13J, AC14B18J -
Acer Chromebook 13 (CB5-311) Battery Replacement - YouTube
ACER Chromebook CB5-311 Battery Replacement - YouTube
Battery for Acer CB5-311-T1UU,replacement Acer CB5-311-T1UU laptop battery from the United States (3220mAh,3 cells)
Tag: Acer Chromebook Battery Replacement - [Compare the Best Console Deals & Bundles] Battpit™ Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement for Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU (2200mAh / 25Wh): Electronics
Set of 5 Professional Pry Tools for iPhone, iPod LCD Screen Opener Repair Kit with Non-abrasive Nylon Spudgers - -
BattPit: Laptop Battery Replacement for Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU, 3ICP5/57/80, AC14B13J, AC14B18J -

10/2017 Tinkerer Links

Want a more powerful Raspberry Pi? Choose from these 20 alternatives - TechRepublic
Give old electronics new life with Linux and Raspberry Pi |
Cord Cutting Only Sucks If You’re Trying to Replicate Cable
The cord cutting pushback has begun. Wired, The LA Times and even my own colleagues have all argued that cutting the cord is starting to lose its luster, and that as more companies break off into their own streaming services (instead of putting their content up on Netflix), cord cutting will soon be just as expensive as cable.

10/2017 FOSS Links

ShowBox App – Watch Movies, Trailers, News in HD – Official Site
Vivaldi 1.12 Web Browser Debuts with Highly Requested Features, Improvements
There's Now a Windows 10 Installer for the Debian-Based Q4OS Linux Distribution
Go Anonymous: How to Delete Your Entire Social Media Presence
How To Transform GIMP Into Photoshop - LinuxAndUbuntu - Linux News | Apps Reviews | Linux Tutorials HowTo
Never Go Online Without a VPN: Here's Why
How to Check If Your Data Was Stolen in the Equifax Breach
Raptor Engineering::Talos™ II Secure Workstation
How Chromebooks Are About to Totally Transform Laptop Design | WIRED
Microsoft's subsea speed monster: A cable 16 million times faster than your broadband | ZDNet
New Marea link gives Microsoft and Facebook enough capacity to stream 71 million HD videos at once.
LibrePlanet 2018: Let's talk about Freedom. Embedded. — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
Microsoft Joins Open Source Initiative Without Affecting Weather in Hell | Open Source content from Windows IT Pro
Microsoft Brings Its GNU/Linux-Hostile Patent Scheme to China | Techrights
4 open source webmail clients for browser-based email |