Stew's August 2018 Bookmarks

08/2018 Linux

Linux experts are crap at passwords! – Naked Security
​The Linux Mint desktop continues to lead the rest | ZDNet
How to use dd in Linux without destroying your disk |
Test 100+ Linux And Unix Operating Systems Online For Free - OSTechNix
Anbox: How To Install Google Play Store And Enable ARM (libhoudini) Support, The Easy Way - Linux Uprising Blog
Top 10 Reasons Why Desktop Linux Failed - Datamation
The oldest active Linux distro, Slackware turns 25 |
How To Mount Google Drive Locally As Virtual File System In Linux - OSTechNix

08/2018 Chrome

User gets Google Play Store working on 2014 Acer Chromebook C720P
"I'm A PC, I'm A Chromebook" Reboot | Schooled in Tech
Mac, PC & Linux - Novell Commercial - YouTube
Best Chromebooks you buy today [July 2018] | 9to5Google
Google Chrome Will Start Using 10% More RAM Now, Thanks to Spectre
What makes a Chromebook so secure? | Android Central
Chrome OS on a tablet doesn't make a lot of sense
Google Chrome vs. Firefox: We tested Firefox's claims to use 30% less memory than Chrome - Business Insider
Switching to a Chromebook? Here’s What You Need to Know
Chrome is using 10-13% more RAM because of Spectre mitigation efforts
Why does Google owe the EU $5 billion?
How to hear (and delete) every conversation your Google Home has recorded - The Verge
This $250 Asus Chromebook Flip can be used in tablet, stand, or laptop mode
Chrome OS is experimenting with a centered shelf layout

08/2018 FOSS

How to quickly convert MKV to MP4 file using VLC?
Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 and blocks passcode cracking tools used by police - The Verge
Difference Between the macOS and Linux Kernels [Explained] | It's FOSS
How to Run Windows Apps on Android with Wine - Make Tech Easier
The best electric skateboards of 2018 - YouTube
Convert video using Handbrake |