Stew's June 2019 Links

06/2019 Cut Cable

Cord Cutters News - YouTube
AERIAL X – AC1200 Dual-band Wireless AP/Range Extender/Router with Dual Giga LAN and High Gain Antennas WN579X3 - Wavlink
How to fix an empty or buggy Apps row on the Fire TV home screen | AFTVnews
Here Are The 5 Best Cord Cutting Deals As of May 28th 2019 - Cord Cutters News
SpaceX wants to offer Starlink internet to consumers after just six launches
Buying Sprint To Get T-Mobile - Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) | Seeking Alpha
What Amazon Might Want With Boost Mobile | WIRED
Why Your Pirated Videos Look Like Crap
How Worried Should You Be About the Health Risks of 5G?
USTVGO.NET - Watch USA TV Live Streaming Free

Deep & Dark Webs

Safely Explore The Dark Web With Our New, FREE Course! - - Gmail
Welcome to The Deep and Dark Web Guide! - - Gmail
Day 2 - Why Would You Access the Dark Web? - - Gmail
Day 3 - Using the Dark Web Securely - - Gmail
Day 4 - How Do You Access the Dark Web? - - Gmail
Day 5 - Navigating the Dark Web - - Gmail
Day 6 - The Deep and Dark Web Roundup - - Gmail

06/2019 Chromebook

Google quietly ruined Chrome, and we almost missed it – BGR
Fuchsia Friday: Fuchsia's close relationship w/ Chrome OS - 9to5Google
How To Get the Most Out of Your Chromebook’s RAM
5 Warning Signs Your SSD Is About to Break Down and Fail
The Best Ways to Spell Check in Google Chrome
How to Use Google Chrome’s Hidden Reader Mode